Backflush filter

Automatic back-flushing filters extend service life and maintenance intervals in process technology. A part of clean oil coming . The pods contain the filter elements. When the filters start to clog up, . This process works fully automatically, and will be programme .

The fully automatic backflush filter. The higher the pressure, the more effective the cleaning. The backflush filter with electronic control is equipped with pressure sensors at the inlet and outlet of the filter which measure the difference of pressure and . Connection sizes: DN to DN 20 cast design. Continuous backflushing helps prevent adhesion of retained solids to filter surfaces.

This ensures long service intervals and drastically reduces the costs for. Contaminant loading considerations manifest themselves in their effects on the filter area require the interval between backflushes , and the type of backflush. Variable segment cleaning with internal medium, rated pressure up to bar (2psi).

For information on individual products, please see the catalogues listed below. During the backflush cycle, water flow is closed off from the inlet manifold by the backflush valve (Fig. 1) and flows upward through the filter from the outlet . It is self-cleaning and maintenance-free filter and is used to remove . Depending on the type, . Filters for Hydraulic Systems.

In terms of water treatment, including water purification and sewage treatment, backwashing refers to pumping water backwards through the filters media, . Please login to view our. Unfiltered water enters the system. The Stamoclean CAT2sample preparation offers filtrate for reliable online wastewater monitoring and increases your process safety. Gorenflo VM(1), Angepat S, Bowen B Piret . Self-cleaning, backflushing system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids. Ideal for filtering source water on site.

They offer down to 50µ filtration and utilise wedge wire filter . OVENTROP-Domestic water station consisting of backflush filter , pressure reducer with bronze swivel connection piece for horizontal and vertical installati. The SUPRAdisc II design combines the filtration performance of Seitz media and the structural robustness of . KNOLL filters clean coolants to the highest degree without filter consumables.

FILTER MODULE BACKFLUSH PROCEDURE. Backflush filter for separating superfine impurities from oils and aqueous .