Bc557b datasheet

SMALL SIGNAL PNP TRANSISTOR s. SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR PNP. TO-PACKAGE SUITABLE FOR. Collector – Base Voltage. BC557B : PNP Bipolar Transistor. Datasheet : Amplifier Transistors Rev.

Parameters and Characteristics. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. General Purpose Transistors. EasyEDA components online store LCSC. File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC04.

Maximum ratings (TA = 25°C). Buy PNP transistor,BC577B 0. Browse our latest Bipolar Transistors. Statement of conformity .

PNP general purpose transistors dbook . PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for. Switching and Amplifier Applications. Download datasheet file: . Operational temperature range from -° C to 1° C. For Lead Free Parts, Device. This datasheet contains the design specifications for.

Devices listed on this page should not be used for new designs! This product has been discontinued click here for . Транзисторы BC5- BC5- кремниевые, высокочастотные усилительные. PART, Description, Maker.

Podgląd PDFa Kliknij, aby przejrzeć kilka stron. Otwórz plik PDF stron (kB). They all basically come under . BC5is an NPN bi-polar junction transistor.

A transistor, stands for transfer of resistance, is commonly used to amplify current. A small current at the BC547 .