Brazil power plug

Are you planning to visit Brazil ? Select your country of residence to check automatically if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter in Brazil. The type N socket plug are the official standard in Brazil. It is based on the international standard 2V household plug system, called IEC . Used in: Brazil (see complete list of countries on the right). There are two variations of the Type N plug , one rated at amps, and one at amps. What plug adapter do you need for Brazil ? A guide to voltages, converters, plug sockets and power adapters used in Brazil.

Answer of 5: Hi everyone! I am heading to Brazil soon and am wondering which type of plug adapter I will need to take with me. The electrical current is not standardized in Brazil and can be almost anywhere between 110V and 220V.

The most common power points have two sockets, and. How to use plugs from United States of America in Brazil. High- power devices don’t usually handle different voltages due to the high-currents involved i. If it’s an old one, you’ll have both the flat US plug and the round.

Long answer: Brazil had always used both US and European power plug. When to Get a South America Power Adapter. Brazil uses a number of different outlets, depending on where you go you may find a typical .