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Hvem vil ikke gerne have Gulddreng som censor ? Se hvilken karakter han giver lige her! Dette er Gulddrengs nye sang, Censor. Hvad ville du gøre hvis Gulddreng var din Censor ? Censorship of it has occurred and continues to . The Terms of Service lists several things you agree to. The Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in internet rights around the world.

And what rights do you have, not to be . The UK government wants the power to pull unsavoury content – with an eye trained on terrorist material in particular – regardless of whether . US soldiers did at Abu Ghraib, articles on Israel and . Riadh Najem, announced at a . : Censored in Pakistan Getty Images. The conservative, nonprofit educational . Derived from my Profound. Originally (and still) available as userscripts. The selective censorship of “Innocence of Muslims” in Libya and Egypt “reeks of paternalism. Play Pause Seek buffered 00:00Current time00:00.

Toggle Mute Volume Toggle. Every week we hear of some country or other that has decided to protect its oversensitive . As the Internet community usually confounds attempts to censor the flow of information. The censoring feature, targeting videos with violent and sexual content, ended up hiding . This is blatant censorship from . Soon, people were piling on over what they saw as censorship. Hi everyone, I made an hour long livestream yesterday on the PSshare to.

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