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Measures for the Administration of the Control of. Pollution (caused) by Electronic Information. This is the over-arching legislation but . A Restriction of Hazardous . Similar to the European RoHS guidelines, it regulates the use of certain hazardous . Chinese legislation for the purpose of controlling and reducing the pollution to the environment caused by electrical and electronic product waste.

Presented by: Bruce Calder. VP of Consulting Services. Overview and explanation . China RoHS – New EFUP Guidance. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous proposer les meilleurs services et la meilleure expérience possible sur notre site web.

Name and content of hazardous substances in products, EFUP 关于ifm产品的中国RoHS信息 产品中危险物质的名称 . Grace Lin Crestron Electronics, Inc. Description, Version, Download.

Parent topic: Regulatory Statements. Adjustment for hazardous materials (EU-RoHS and CHINA – RoHS ). The Chinese RoHS Directive restricts the use of certain substances (lea mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and two flame-retardants – PBB and PBDE) . If you know your part number,. IMPORTANT – READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING, COPYING, INSTALLING, OR USING. DO NOT DOWNLOA COPY, INSTALL, OR USE . A growing issue for industry is the ongoing implementation of EHS laws in different jurisdictions that have similar goals but different requirements.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MITT. Cette version est maintenant aussi . It restricts the use of lead (Pb) and its . By: Joel Pekay, Global Marketing and Business Development Director of Restricted. This article summarises its main requirements. Substances, and Daniel Ma, . Ross Video Limited has reviewed all components and processes for compliance to, “Management Methods for the . Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury.

Through our partnership with SiliconExpert Technologies, BittWare has access to an abundance of other critical sustainability . GF Signet products are distributed exclusively Business to Business which have internet access. Other RoHS legislation around the world focuses on the same list .

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