Color switch game

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color. You must follow the color pattern on . Tap to guide the ball through same-colored rings and other obstacles. Click to jump, wait until the time is right, and go . Bounce up and fly up through the matching colors!

Change colors and try to get past all the obstacles.

Over 19000downloads worldwide! The worldwide hit is now available on GoGy! Follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it.

If you touch the other colors , . Absorbing obstacle game is more fun than frustrating. Mobile Games – Publishing. Click the ball all the way up to the top of the highscores, changing colours along the way, Watch out for the rotating obstacles on your . Jump as long as you can Jump as long as you canJump as long as you canJump as long as you can.

Color switch : challenges . Free online mobile games – no . Over 5000downloads worldwide! Instead of seeing how far you can get. All in one guide to get you to create and publish pro and addictive games in no time, using Unity. As the player moves upward they have to navigate multi-color primitive . The draw of the game comes from its . Circles are spinning, and you must wait for the ideal time to jump through them. Timing is of the essence.

Revenue, install, and rankings for top mobile games. Voici la version internet officielle de la célèbre application de Fortafy Games. Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

Dit is de officiële web versie van de succesvolle app van Fortafy Games. Escort this colored ball through this colorful world. The ball can only pass through an area that has the same color.

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