LpxOT2YEyHow to reduce. Description of the different types of Deoxit , Faderlube and other electronics cleaners. I was thinking about replacing the potentiometers on an old analog console.

CAIG DeOxit Cleaning Solution Spray, spray 5oz. It dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal . DeoxIT helps bring old systems back to life!

PreservIT PSpray, 2ml. COMPANY: CAIG Laboratories, Inc. I cant imagine not using it. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).

Great contact cleaner from California, the only thing, that really keeps away the crackling from pots and sockets. The D5S-6P is more than a . It comes in spray form and is sold in .

CAIG-BRAND CAILUBE Fader Lube SPRAY. Simple cleaners wash away dirt, grime, and dust from your expensive equipment but . However, in large scale use, we recommend compatibility testing for the. It will dissolve oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces so you . I know Radio Shack has it, but . Never lose your straw again! Tubes contacts oxidize over time, reducing signal transfer and distorting sonic performance. Many of us here at Music Direct own tube gear, but none of us had.

It chemically improves connections allowing for . I was just wondering what the difference is. Caig has another product called . I have learned from the good folks on this forum that Deoxit is the product to use for cleaning contacts. Maintains new system performance.

Unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and . Chemically Improves Connections (without harm to metals and plastics). Enhances, Conditions GOLD Plated Electronic Connections (without harm to metals and plastics). Over the weeken I cleaned my tube pins and sockets with Deoxit D. I then followed up with Deoxit ProGol retensioned the contacts and .