Diesel injectors

All wearable parts and critical components are . Genuine diesel parts, including fuel injectors , fuel injection pumps, and fuel transfer pumps. Find great deals and get free. How an older diesel fuel injector works.

A diesel engine injector can be difficult to diagnosis since it has multiple applications on several different diesel engines.

Tested to OE standards to be fast, accurate and efficient. Proven to significantly reduce emissions. Installed in more than million vehicles on . Our remanufactured all makes injectors reflect our OE technological know-how, ensuring each injector meets our specifications and provides optimal engine . DIY diesel injector rebuild kits, tools and parts.

OEM and aftermarket diesel products. OEM Bosch LLY Fuel Injectors. See what causes these high pressure .

Diesel Performance Specials. Is your vehicle blowing smoke or lost power? Have you tried replacing your injectors ? We recommend replacing your diesel fuel injectors every 10 000kms. Review of the best diesel injector cleaners on the market.

You will learn about them and their innumerable benefits! Shop online for injector sets and accessories for . To code or not to code that is the question…. In days gone by, diesel injectors although cumbersome to fit, were generally seen as plug and . The diesel engine, unlike the gasoline engine, injects fuel directly into the cylinder. The development of low pressure carburizing (LPC) is closely linked with the success of diesel injectors over the last years.

Be sure to tape up the feed and leak-off lines after you disconnect them. We use up to date equipment when testing your injectors. Parameters of the fuel economy and the exhaust gases pollution of the high- speed diesel engines, with unshared and half-shared combustion chambers, are. We specialize in rebuilding YOUR Powerstroke, Duramax, and Cummins diesel injectors.

All injectors are flow tested ensuring factory specifications are met.

In fact, the symptoms that many attribute to dirty injectors – loss of power, . PurePower Technologies, Inc. The phenomenon of cavitation and its occurrence in diesel engine injector nozzles is discussed and examples are given of cavitation patterns formed in the sac .