It is this crystalline structure which gives steel and cast iron their magnetic properties, and is the . A ceramic-like material with magnetic properties that are useful in many types of electronic devices. The term “ ferrites ”—from the Latin word for iron—means different things to different scientists. To metallurgists, ferrite means pure iron. This page explains the benefits of ferrite cores and the reasons to use them.

The history of ferrites (magnetic oxides) began centuries before the birth of Christ with the discovery of stones that would attract iron.

The most plentiful deposits . The tool allows application-related parameters to be calculated for all available EPCOS ferrites and provides access to their digitized material data including . Proper evaluation of ferrite materials and components requires the use of many different magnetic and electrical measurement techniques. Ferrite definition, Chemistry. Rings, beads, cores — hams recognize these instantly as the most common shapes of ferrite materials and soon you will, too!

Superhigh-frequency ferrite and ferrimagnetics, . Based upon chemical composition, soft ferrites are divided into: manganese-zinc ferrite and nickel-zinc ferrite. In each category many different MnZn and NiZn .

Rick designed this one to be easy to carry, easy to use, and to feel great in the hand. We produce industrial microwave solutions for tempering, cooking and heating products and high-power components for frequencies from MHz to GHz. This strongly liner design is barracuda. All the details on our product families in the Wurth Electronics catalog Passive Components. Russian manufacturers of ferrite products.

Every national program in . Aldrick Limjoco and Jefferson Eco. An effective method for filtering high frequency power supply noise and cleanly . NEOSID employs the latest technology to offer the entire ferrite product range. Category EMC Components. Available in two sizes, they fit over the cable . KEMET is proud to introduce ferrite products (inductors) to our product portfolio. Inductors are used in every type of electronic equipment including computers, . We manufacture high performance, high quality, high accuracy and small size ferrite cores both in Japan and China.

We try to improve our technology and quality . Type, main field of application, preferred core shapes, datasheet. K 1 filter, antennae, EMC application up to approx 3MHz, rods, sleeves, ferrite beads.