Help us to translate HRDLOG. Click on Contact us to translate. At last, we have the new virtual server. The DNS server has been purchase switching on the new server will take place within . Il famoso hdrlog spiegato dal suo creatore.


Since some time ago, cannot upload log changes to HRDlog. XML-filer, også UniqueCallSignDatabase. I enabled the eQSL and LoTW integration on HRDLog. This is the new feature that was announced last week. Ham Radio Deluxe with possible . WSJT-X JT-Alert work together great!

See how they are installed and setup, . The latest Tweets from HRDLOG. In HRDLOG you can send the logs to eQSL.

LogPublisher supports QSO upload to HRDLog. Does this HRDLog enhance the operation of Log4? Just looked at the site and saw nothing that indicates such. Still looking at everything that . Brug de tilsendte bruger og kodeord.

Real-time QSO Upload – HRDLOG. Senhores, adicionamos em nossa página dois gráficos do HRDLOG. How to set up and maintain portable and alternate callsigns on HRDLOG. QSOs are corrected assigned to correct logbook. UDP bridge for QARTest, N1MM logger, Win-test, DM780.

QSL via HRD Log – OZ1GEJ and OZ2BX Hjemmeside. Configuration is very easy and similar to eQSL. Simply enter your Upload Code and click on the HRDLog check. At the same time you press on . Export to clublog and HRDlog : It would be nice to have log export possibilities to clublog and HRDlog. Trx Manager with JTand HRDLOG.

When it will be possible to work JTand to to HRD on line? Hi Fre Currently there is no automatic way to save your QSOs in realtime or upload your full logbook to HRDLOG.