LED for light-emitting diode), IR-diode eller UV-diode er en ensretterdiode ( elektronisk komponent) og en transducer, som omsætter elektrisk energi til et smalt . Led (anatomi) – forbindelse af skeletdele på mennesker og dyr. Lysdiode ( LED ) – elektrisk komponent som omsætter elektrisk energi til lys. LED : LED (англ.

Light-emitting diode) — светодиод. LED (сокр. от Leningrad) — код ИАТА.

Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors . Een led is een elektronische halfgeleidercomponent die licht uitzendt als er een elektrische stroom in de doorlaatrichting doorheen loopt. Led er skelettets hængsler. Dér, hvor to eller flere knogler støder sammen, findes der et led.

I et led er to knogleender holdt sammen af ledkapslen, som er . LED usually refers to: light-emitting diodes. LED may also refer to: LEd (formerly LaTeX Editor), a free environment for rapid .

The circuit must provide sufficient current to light the . Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Philips, LG Electronics og. LED -backlit displays use . A grow light or plant light is an artificial light source, generally an electric light, designed to. NASA has tested LED grow lights for their high efficiency in growing food in space for extraterrestrial colonization. Findings showed that plants are . Gruppen bestod af Jimmy Page (forhenværende guitarist for The Yardbirds), . The group consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist . LE also known as micro- LED , mLED or µLE is an emerging flat panel display technology. As the name implies, mLED displays consist of arrays of . An LED filament light bulb is an electric light bulb which produces light with LED filaments, multi- LED structures that resemble the filament of an incandescent . Nakamura drew on the work of another Japanese group led by Professor Isamu Akasaki, who published their method to make strongly p-type . W LED screw base lamp ( 2V), 13 20.

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