Limor fried

Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making. Her company helps demystify . It could be one of the most transformational next chapters for . Adafruit makes and releases DIY electronics kits to help create the next . The White House will honor Adafruit founder Limor “Ladyada” Fried , AC2SN, on June as one of “Champions of Change for Making.

Es influyente en la comunidad de hardware . Fried helped define the open source hardware . Limor Ladyada Fried – Open source hardware maker – DIY electronics. So much for trade secrets. This live show is hosted on our channel and will feature projects from our giant . Limor ladyada Fried (previously) is one of the great hardware hackers of her generation and is the co-founder of the pioneering open source . The latest news from Make: thumbnail.

This is the cover for the current issue of Wired magazine. In an article from Business Insider, she stated that in . I met Limor at an event for littleBits. Ayah (the entrepreneur behind littleBIts) and Limor knew each other from the MIT Media Lab. Limor Fried was the sort of third-grader who took apart VCRs for fun. When tinkerers want to collaborate, trade tips, or just hang out, many head to communal workshops called hackerspaces.

It is just not everyday that you . For details on how to send us your work, please read our Submit page. MIT license, all text above must . Follow their code on GitHub. A nossa homenagem às mulheres começa com ela! As one of many women in science, . Last year she was awarded Entrepreneur of . She is the founder of the educational . Cool projects and kits, help .

Der er ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse af dette resultat på grund af websitets robots. Making things – from gadgets to jam to furniture – is becoming more mainstream. And it may be about to change our economy.

The video above is syndicated . When you think about open source, software is the thing that springs to mind. But the open source movement is not all about software: there is .