Makey makey games

Updated Scratch Projects that utilise the wonderful makey makey kit! Makey Makey Games , a Studio on Scratch. Record your own soun use preset scales, and set the keys to play just the notes you want.

Creations tagged with: Games. Sorcerers and Champions board game. Wanna get your whole school involved in coding and game creation?

Connect with others by . MaKey MaKey Scratch Operation Game by Josh Burker. Originally designed to u. A fun frustration game you can play against your friends! Both players try to get . It was pretty difficult to do something revolutionnary. The children of the Casa Blanca Library created their own games using Scratch Coding.

Then make game controllers, musical instruments, and inventions.

Advance to female headers and multi-key remapping up to keys. Mrs Voller enjoying the games (and learning lots in the process!). Part DIY, part Experiment, all FUN. A DIY version of the classic game Operation, starring Makey.

Game Controller Challenge with Step by Step instructions! No registration required. Get yours at makeymakey.

This activity will help develop participants creativity and problem . Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. Design your own game board and then use it to play different games. I really liked when we played video games.

I also liked when we used the bananas and killed. However, you may run into issues if the game requires more controls than . Students learned about the basics of electronics and . Ever played games on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? The first thing we did with the Go during our family maker time was use it with our vintage Operation game. But what if you want to make a .

This page provides links to shared games made by students.