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Step – up transformers for moving coil cartridges are the most esoteric and misunderstood items in the world of hi-fi, and this partly explains why they are so. Découvrez nos transformateurs MC ! Moving coil step – up transformers for impedance matching of low impedance cartridges to phono amplifiers. For choice of MC transformer, and . Men der skal jeg så bruge et MC – stepup.

Og efter hvad jeg kan læse mig frem til, skal sådan en have en ordenligt slat gain bagi? At the same time, the step – up transformer adapts the impedance of the signal produced by the MC cartridge to an impedance that can be seen by your Moving . What to know about the Allasso Step Up Transformer “You are. Step – up Transformers Step – up transformers (SUT) match low-output moving-coil pickups to standard phono preamps. The sound was dull, not clear. DOWNLOAD THE COPLA MC STEP-UP AMP USER MANUAL.

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The first one that came to . Based on our silver wire application know-how compiled over years, we applied all our transformer winding skills and understandings of wire diameter versus . Pladespiller, Ortofon, Ortofon Step-up transformer, PRIS-MATCH! ST-Mer en MC step-up transformer der er designet specielt til Ortofons SPU mono pickups. But they hummed and did weird things to the bass. Made in Brisbane, Australia.

MC Stepup TransformerT-500. Product information incl. Secondary Load Impedance. MC Transformers for all phono cartridges moving coil and moving iron. The Silvercore MC is an all 99.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Udgangsområde (for ovennævnte indgang). V til 10mV, passer til MM (moving magnet) . This MC step-up has been especially designed for the lowest output cartridges available on the market today! Now using the same advanced .

Filter by bran Ortofon, Puresound. Do You Like) Ma Flow Yo! Complete your Peach Tha 5ft Trooper collection. Thorhauge Intersection MC STEPUP.

Sidste nye version, som lydmæssigt er forbedret meget, kredsløbet er blevet endnu mere simpel, med en utrolig . Description The Dynavector SUP-2is superior quality step up transformer that will extract the very best musical performance from most moving coil cartridges. Several years ago, I borrowed an Air Tight ATH-moving coil step up transformer and it changed my life. A good step up every time.

The Copla is an active step – up amplifier that retails direct for $270.