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Make Music Mayhem with the BBC micro : bit ! Micro : bit now available in USA for DonorsChoose. Explore projects built with micro : bit , and share your own! Join 4hardware developers who follow micro : bit on Hackster.

Tiny, versatile computing from the BBC and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Get creative, get connecte get coding. Come explore micro : bit projects ! The Micro Bit – a small computer designed to power internet-connected projects – is being handed out to thousands of British school children. Seven outstanding Micro Bit projects – 22.

Rollout began this February! Ornament Chain, play the ornament chain game between two BBC micro : bits. Comes with BBC micro : bit.

Welcome to the BBC micro : bit Make page. Follow these steps to create the Step Counter. Connect with BBC micro : bit to make tons of projects , or use your imagination to make even more cool things. The orange is an added bonus.

You can use your micro : bit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. In this resource you will learn how to install the MicroPython editor mu on your Raspberry Pi, and push programs written in MicroPython from . The micro : bit is the most recent project by the BBC in an . Our custom breakout boar which makes it super easy to make projects with the micro : bit ! A variety of Octopus parts: components with colour-coded plugs that . Physical computing course for the micro : bit from Project Lead The Way. The BBC micro : bit will be put to the test at the controls of the TARDIS in this special Live Lesson in collaboration with the team behind Doctor . Contribute to awesome-microbit development by creating an account on. MakeCode Projects – List of micro : bit projects you can do with the MakeCode editor.

BBC micro : bit project , a unique pocket-sized computer system designed to help children of all skill levels to explore their . At Kitronik we are focusing on facilitating both.

Make sure you try these projects first. The goal of the micro : bit project was not to introduce just another single board computer or micro-controller, rather the goal is to disrupt. One for micro : bit based electronics projects – the ZIP Halo from Kitronik, supporting colourful lighting effects for the educational device.

On this second link are some projects for you to follow so you can develop . Projects related to MicroPython on the BBC micro : bit include:.