Mifare desfire

Its open concept allows future seamless integration of other . Define your own keys to access encrypted content. Supports AES, (3)DES and 3K3DES encryption schemes. Are you planning to offer contactless smart life services?

MIFARE DESfire and NFC Readers.

For further information see the Getting Started Page or the . Base, Vario, Force, Verso, Access Unit. Frequency, 1kHz, kHz. Diese spezielle Version der OpenPGP V2.

Karte enthält zusätzlich zum OpenPGP V2. Contactless Multi-Application IC with DES and 3DES Security. Product Short Form Specification.

Requirement also includes AES Encryption and. The mifare-readers Accentic and mifare DESFire EVreaders Accentic are used as contactless readers and operating units in access control and intrusion . Link til producent: Philips. Available with magnetic stripe, contact smart chip, PVC or composite card body . Is it possible to read Desfire EVcards, using readily available RFID modules? I currently have RC5module, that works for classic cards, but . Third Millennium Systems Ltd.

Main features: Initialize doors. Increased performance for the same price with entire backwards compatibility . Mifare DESFire Functional Specification Rev 3. Minimum order – 1cards. KeyCards are all cards which do not fall into any of the other categories. Cam lock elektronisk cyl. To buy, Universal Smart Card . Ved brug af kompatible RFID-kort til for eksempel betalingssystem, adgangskontrol, kantinesystem, kopi og printsystemer mm.

X-Station is an evolution in access control card readers.

What information should be read or written can be . Марка: Nedap Identification . Plastic card CRRFI DESFire. Commercial documentation.