Odu connectors

ODU , a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance connector solutions and cable assemblies is announcing its E-commerce Webstore . ODU medical connectors and. ODU leverer den ideelle forbindelsesteknik til de mest krævende kvalitets- og pålidelighedskrav uanset, om effekt, . Продукция ODU (включая разъёмы серии ODU AMC) не попадает под санкционные ограничения ЕС и. Rugged design for performance and quality over many thousand.

Complete assembly of connectors , cables, cable overmolding and even water- tight potting. A complete package for an all-around perfect result. Heavy, very rugged connectors able to withstand environmental impacts such as rain, win water, snow and frost with no difficulty. Miniature connectors specially developed for military applications. MIL connectors are extremely rugge light and reliable.

Military connectors from ODU. Développement et fabrication de connecteurs hautes performances pour la transmission fiable de puissance, signaux, données et fluides. ODU -USA announced that its advanced ODU MINI-SNAP miniature push-pull connector solution are available with 48-hour availability to the .

The On-line Electronics line of products is the most . ODU AMC Break-Apart Cable Connector – ODU AMC . Construct unique, application-specific connection devices for industrial and test instrumentation applications with ODU Modular Connectors. ODU Gmbh supplies modular and circular connectors or push-pull connectors including military and medical connectors. ODU -MAC and MINI-SNAP Connector systems for measurement and testing. Uncompromising quality for every deployment situation. Whether extreme environmental factors or strong mechanical . Board-to-board connector , pitch = 2. Use our various Connector systems to help create your project.

The product portfolio includes a. Designed specifically for military use, this extremely rugge light-weight metal circular connector is non. ODU Cable Connector Seals May Determine the Life of Systems. Miniature Cylindrical Connectors with Push-Pull Locking which have many advantages. For extraordinary requirements ODU develops your individual solution.

Premier Authorized stocking distributor of ODU USA. We use our vast knowledge and experience of connectors along with our.

ODU MEDI-SNAP Circular Connector made of plastic or metal. Installation procedures for the ODU cables and connectors. ODU Connector for Docking and Robot Solutions ODU DOCK. This series is lightweight, operates between -to . Description: male straight plug, size B series, 2-pin .