Omron relay

Which region site would you like to visit ? Relays are devices making or breaking electric circuits by their output section driven by operational signal, which is triggered by electric input signal controlled. Our fully sealed PCB relays range from 5A to 40A and are designed for comfort control electronics including motor reversal applications such as power windows. Free delivery on eligible orders.

Order by 8pm for same day dispatch. CR (surge suppression), bifurcated contacts, etc.

Arc barrier standard on 4-pole Relays. Dielectric strength: 0VAC (coil to contact). At Kele we make it easy to find the right. Relay , PCB mounting, PCB terminals, 12AC.

General Purpose Relay (25A) – G7L. G2RV, next step in the evolution of relays. Extensive product groups include relays , switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components.

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The switching section and driving . Search and buy your parts in the Relays section. Delivery from our warehouse in central europe. Versatile relay , ideal for power and sequence control applications, meets many other application . Rated Current: 2A Contact: DPDT Housing: 25x11x15mm.

OMRON PCB Relays Series G5V2. Article Part description. Manufacturer Part Number : . To order connecting sockets and mounting tracks, see “Accessories” section.

AgCdO contacts are also available (MY2E, MY3E, MY4E). G2RV-SR series mounted relay : electromagnetic relay. Subminiature surface mounting relay : very small dimensions 2x5x10mm ( HxWxL) and low weight of 0. Kontaktkonfiguration, 2-polet skifte. The G2V is of conventional relay construction, but with bifurcated cross-point gold plated silver contacts.

Note: The must operate voltage is or less of the rated voltage if the relay is mounted upside down. The most often used names are Keep relay , Latching relay , Flag, Haftmerker ( German),.