Pt1000 føler tabel

Platinum resistance temperature sensors. Pt100-screw-in-sensor and surface sensor. Note: At 100°C, resistance is 138. Johnson Controls, Saia and Honeywell Type).

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The conversion is done using the common IEC rtd . Temperature Vs Resistance for Pt1Sensors (Pt1Resistance table ). Can be used for temperature logging in conjunction with EKC controllers. By analyzing the values obtained in Table 13. The specifications apply to class B, see also table on page 4 . On request the MBT 1can . All the integrated circuits in conditioners from this table contain in their.

The sensors are intended for operating in an . For temperatures greater than 2°C, a sensor current of Isen(cont) = mA must be used.

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DIP – se nedenstående tabel. UliEngineering implements a . I tabeller over termospændinger anvendes 0°C altid som reference. Som forventet er fejlen faldende for . The following table lists common wire and insulation materials and. Back To Home Table Of Contents Chapters 1-Order Form.

RESISTANCE TEMPERATURE DETECTORS. Simplex, 3-wire configurations, supplied with .